страници: 200
корица: твърда
език: английски
година: 2015
издателство: Dorling Kindersley
ID на книгата: 20958298
ISBN: 9780241182987

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Цена: 22,00 лв.

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Unlock the secrets of LEGO® building and create a world from your own LEGO brick collection - no steps required, just imagination!

Build a fleet of mini robots. Construct a magical castle. Create your own LEGO birthday cake - and a candle to top it off! Amaze your friends with a realistic-looking LEGO mobile phone. Themed around the worlds from The LEGO Movie, you'll find ideas from outer space, the Wild West, a modern metropolis - and much more!

LEGO® Awesome Ideas is for LEGO fans of all ages, from beginners to accomplished builders. Creative model ideas, and visual tips and techniques throughout, will inspire everyone to get building.

With hundreds of awesome ideas to choose from, what will you build? използва Бисквитки. Използвайки този уебсайт, вие приемате нашите Общи Условия и Политика за поверителност.