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Knigomania is a leader in publishing of quality picture albums, encyclopedias and reference books. The portfolio of the publishing house features over 400 titles from different ganres. Some of them are 1001 Natural Wonders You Must See, 501 Must Visit Cities, The Sacred Sites Bible, Ultimate Food Journeys, The Golden Book of Chocolate, Art. The Whole Story, Historical  Atlas, The Psychology Book, Curious History of Mathematics, Photography. The Whole Story and many others.
Knigomania is also one of the leading publishers in children's literature, including all genres and age segments. The books are of high print quality, giving the youngest readers not only knowledge but also teaching them values, encouraging independent thinking, imagination and various activities.
You can find all Knigomania titles in all big bookstores.
Knigomania’s page on Facebook is frequently visited and has more than 101 000 likes.

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