MY TIME WITH ANTONIONI. (Wim Wenders), “ff“

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In 1983 the world-renowned filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni suffered a...
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Автор Wim Wenders
страници 183
Език английски
година 2000
Издателство Faber and Faber
ID на книга 27210076
ISBN 9780571200764
Категории Музика

In 1983 the world-renowned filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni suffered a physically debilitating stroke that left him severely aphasic. While mentally alert, he had, but for roughly a dozen words in Italian, lost the ability to speak and to write. He was able to draw -- but only More... with his left hand. None of this, however, could extinguish his creative drive and he was determined to continue working. Eventually he managed to convince financiers that he was still capable of making a film as long as there was another director on the set to interpret his drawings and nods of the head. Thus in the spring of 1994, with the internationally acclaimed German filmmaker Wim Wenders signed on as co-director to calm concerned insurers, he began filming Beyond the Clouds.
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