MEDITERRANEAN: from Homer to Picasso. /HB/

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Girard's (Matisse: The Wonder of Color) poetic perspective on the sea that is...
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Страници 240
Език английски
Година 2001
ID на книга 20713245
ISBN 9782843232459
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Girard's (Matisse: The Wonder of Color) poetic perspective on the sea that is encircled by North Africa, Southern Europe, and the Levant provides a view of various locales along its shores, revealing a range of distinct cultures. To Girard, the Mediterranean is the center of the world where all things human are possible. This celebration of all things Mediterranean comprises the words of poets and the images of painters, using erudite text and lavish illustrations that include full-color reproductions and dramatic photographs. The sea is the thread that holds this diversity together. A native of the region, Girard has written for the traveler as much as for the art historian. His book's distinctive flair will be of interest to visitors of the area, as well as to artists, art historians, curators, literature teachers, and classics professors. Recommended for large public libraries as well as for school and museum art book collections.
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