ME AND MISS M. (Jemma Forte)

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Ever wondered what a celebrity's life is really like Struggling actress Fran...
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Автор Jemma Forte
Страници 444
Език английски
Година 2009
Дата на получаване 18.11.2009 г.
ID на книга 20324628
ISBN 9780141046280
Категории Други

Ever wondered what a celebrity's life is really like Struggling actress Fran has always had stars in her eyes but with a part in a car insurance ad as her only claim to fame, making it big is starting to look unlikely. So taking a job as a PA to Caroline Mason - one half of Hollywood's most famous couple - seems like a fantastic opportunity. Especially when Fran's first encounter with Caroline's sexy, Oscar-winning boyfriend involves him wearing nothing but a tiny towel ...But Fran's new job is far from glamorous as her days are spent fetching never-ending, venti, quatro, decaf, skinny lattes and being an all-round slave to a demanding, botoxed diva. And when the job starts to cost Fran her friends and the man of her dreams she has to ask herself whether it's really worth it. The time has come for Miss M to find out a few home truths, for Fran to get her life on track and to win back her Mr Right...
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