MAPS FOR LOST LOVERS. (Nadeem Aslam), “ff“

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14,90 лв.
In an unnamed town Jugnu and his lover Chanda have disappeared. Rumours abound...
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Автор Nadeem Aslam
страници 369
Език английски
година 2004
Издателство Faber and Faber
ID на книга 27222182
ISBN 9780571221820
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In an unnamed town Jugnu and his lover Chanda have disappeared. Rumours abound in the close-knit Pakistani community, and then on a snow-covered January morning Chanda's brothers are arrested for murder. Telling the story of the next twelve months, Maps for Lost Lovers opens More... the heart of a family at the crossroads of culture, community, nationality and religion, and expresses their pain in a language that is arrestingly poetic. 'This is a deeply pastoral novel, tied to the seasons and resonating with birdsong . . . Like Aslam, I was heartbroken when the dense, dark tapestry was finished.' Independent on Sunday 'Despite the violence that lies at the heart of the novel, it is a celebration of love and life. Sights and sounds, smells and colours are not so much vivid backdrops for the narrative as structural, mood- and texture-enhancing parts of it . . . This is that rare sort of book that gives a voice to those voices that are seldom heard.'
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