LORD OF EMPERORS: The Sarantine Mosaic - book 2.

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17,90 лв.
Lord of Emperorsis the second half of his The Sarantium Mosaic, a full-blooded...
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Автор G.G.Kay
Страници 531
Език английски
Година 2001
Дата на получаване 7.05.2007 г.
Издателство Earthlight
ID на книга 25920825
ISBN 9780743408257
Категории Художествена литература

Lord of Emperorsis the second half of his The Sarantium Mosaic, a full-blooded and passionate epic of Byzantine intrigue and artistic commitment. All of his characters are in the great city of Sarantium now--Crispin, the great mosaicist, Gisel, the exiled queen of the barbarian kingdom of the West and Rustem, the brilliant young doctor and unwilling spy. Emperor Valerius and his wife Alixena have plans for their world--they are summoning troops from all directions--and plans for their city. Crispin is working on the dome of the great temple; and yet time and chance, those rulers that lie beyond all emperors, will ultimately dispose of all plans and all planners. Kay is as good on the manners of charioteers--there is a particularly fine chariot race here--as he is on the double-crossings of generals and imperial secretaries. This is a rich complex fantasy with a real sense of how its world works.
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