LIVING IN SMALL SPACES. (Cristian Campos, Soley

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Is a large canvas really necessary to paint a masterpiece The obvious answer...
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Автор Christina Paredes, Cristian Campos, Soley
страници 355
корица мека
Език английски
година 2007
Издателство LOFT Publications
ID на книга 29413283
ISBN 9788495832832
Категории Интериор и дизайн

Is a large canvas really necessary to paint a masterpiece The obvious answer would be that the size of the canvas and the brilliance of a work of art bear no relation. Does this also apply to interior design Is a creative, elegant and cozy design possible in a 30-40m2 apartment This book proves that it is. The continuous downsizing of urban apartments has lead to the search for new interior design solutions making the most of the available space, the sources of natural light and storage space. Interior designers have had to adapt to the new reality and have applied resources almost never used in bigger housing. The final result is a philosophy of life based on the small, flexible and adaptable. Not only has the size of our apartments changed, but with it our lifestyle.
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