LADY CHATTERLEY`S LOVER. “W-th classics“ (D.Lawr

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D.H Lawrence’s uncompromisingly candid novel deals in poetic and sexually...
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Автор D.Lawrence
Страници 268
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2005
Дата на получаване 9.12.2005 г.
Издателство WORDSWORTH
ID на книга 20222488
ISBN 9781840224887
Категории Световна класика

D.H Lawrence’s uncompromisingly candid novel deals in poetic and sexually explicit language with the passionate relationship between Lady Constance Chatterley and her husband’s powerfully masculine gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors. Trapped in a marriage, which has become sterile and joyless since her husband’s return from the trenches partially paralysed and confined to a wheelchair, Connie seizes the chance of sexual fulfilment she had thought lost forever. Sir Clifford Chatterley is enlightened enough to allow Connie a measure of freedom, but when, pregnant with Mellors’ child, she confesses to the affair, the reality of her association with his gamekeeper is more than he can bear.
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