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In many parts of Asia, folk jewelry, the most dazzling expression of...
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Страници 209
Език английски
Година 1999
Издателство THAMES AND HUDSON Ltd.
ID на книга 21511920
ISBN 9780500019207
Категории Изкуство

In many parts of Asia, folk jewelry, the most dazzling expression of material culture, has disappeared in the wake of modernization. In Nepal, however, where the Himalayas have formed a barrier to outsiders for centuries, native jewelry traditions remain strong. Jewelry in Nepal is worn for decorative, talismanic and investment purposes, with lavish pieces donned to celebrate marriage or promote fertility and amulets worn to ward off negative influences. Gold and silver is freely used, as are beads of glass, coral, turquoise, amber and agate. Illustrated with hundreds of beautiful colour photographs, this is the most comprehensive study of the subject available. In over a dozen trips to Nepal’s most inaccessible areas, goldsmith and jewelry designer Hannelore Gabriel has documented the local jewelry worn for both daily and ceremonial use. She discusses the function and history of jewelry in Nepal, its materials, symbolism and connection with religion. The central portion of the book introduces, item by item, the important jewelry pieces of the major ethnic groups. Concluding chapters present the craftsmen who make the jewelry, and describe the ritual jewelry of the shamans. A comprehensive reference section includes important tips on collecting and preserving both new and antique pieces, as well as a glossary and extensive bibliography.
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