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Introduction to Business Law is a student-centred text ideal for those new to the study of law. Offering lively and readable coverage of all main topics, the law is firmly rooted in the business context. This text adopts a fresh approach and is packed with photographs, diagrams a...
Business students often find Business law modules challenging, irrelevant to their future career, and full of alien terminology and concepts. Introduction to Business Law anticipates these objections and consciously demonstrates the relevance of key areas of the law to a world of work that the business student can relate to. It is written in an engaging and accessible style and the look and feel of the book has been developed to replicate like the kind of textbook that a business student is familiar with, with structured features and illustrative diagrams and photographs. Covering all key topics addressed on business law modules and rigorously reviewed by subject area specialists this textbook gives students the best chance of succeeding in their business law module. Clearly structured in five parts, Introduction to Business Law fosters a solid foundation in the key legal concepts of the English Legal System, contract law and negligence before discussing how the law affects the everyday workings of businesses and their employees from company formation to winding up and insolvency. Key features * Case boxes provide a break down of key cases including the facts and the decision. The relevance of the cases are therefore immediately clear and not concealed in unnecessary detail. * Insight boxes offer current and newsworthy examples of the pervasive influence of law in the modern business world featuring; Wayne Rooney, The National Lottery, Naomi Campbell, Kodak and British Airways. -Viewpoint boxes offer 'from the horse's mouth' testimonies from business people and past business students highlighting the law they come across in their jobs. * Diagrams and photographs provide an immediate and tangible illustration of concepts. * Study skills chapter and glossary are an invaluable aid for those new to the study of law. ORC The book is accompanied by a comprehensive online resource centre offering several resources to support teaching and learning including a test bank, a lecturer guide to teaching the course, assignments and group activities, updates, and a flash card glossary. For Students * Detailed updates to the law following publication * Flashcard glossary of key terms * Multiple choice questions * Exam help * Pointers to the questions in the text For lecturers * Testbank * Instructor's manual * PP slides * Suggestions for group and seminar activities

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Автор Lucy Jones
Страници 388
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2011
Дата на получаване 12.07.2011 г.
ID на книга 21498971
ISBN 9780199289714
Категории Право
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