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By introducing the basics of architectural science, this book is an ideal...
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Автор S.Szokolay
Страници 327
Език английски
Година 2004
Дата на получаване 15.11.2005 г.
Издателство Architectural Press
ID на книга 26815849
ISBN 9780750658492
Категории Изкуство

By introducing the basics of architectural science, this book is an ideal reference that provides an understanding of the physical basis of architectural design. The knowledge gained from this book equips the reader with the tools for realizing the full potential of the good intentions of sustainable, bioclimatic design. The text gives the reader the knowledge to design in order to control indoor environmental conditions: heat, light and sound. Into this discussion is introduced the problem that traditional energy resources are finite, and their use damaging, and governments and professional bodies demand increasing levels of sustainable design. An outline is provided for creating the required indoor conditions with little or no use of energy, other than from renewable sources. Each chapter presents a quick outline of the basic and relevant physics of heat, light, sound and energy, followed by an examination of human requirements. The reader is then introduced to ways in which these elements can be controlled by the building and by its design.
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