INQUISITION: Aquasilva Trilogy - book 2. (A.Audl

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Book two of the acclaimed AQUASILVA trilogy, the stunning new series from one...
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Автор A.Audley
Страници 550
Език английски
Година 2003
Дата на получаване 7.05.2007 г.
Издателство Earthlight
ID на книга 25921502
ISBN 9780743415026
Категории Художествена литература

Book two of the acclaimed AQUASILVA trilogy, the stunning new series from one of fantasy's most exciting new voices. Only the fire-magic can hold back the encroaching darkness, but those who wield it, the fanatical priests of the Domain, would rule the entire world with an iron hand. It seems the peoples of Aquasilva must choose whether to die on their feet or live on their knees...Cathan of Lepidor returns home after the battle that has restored his province to freedom and the rule of its count - Cathan's father. But events soon conspire against him, and Cathan must set out once more, to discover the secret behind the storm-magic he used so successfully to save his clan. Unfortunately for Cathan, forces beyond his control begin to shape his future, threatening to overwhelm him. Unless he can regain control of his destiny, Cathan will find himself in the perilous position of leading the rebellious forces against the Inquisition of the Domain...
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