IGNORANCE. (M.Kundera), “ff“

Няма наличност
15,90 лв.
Ignorance is the story of two Czechs who meet by chance while traveling back to...
Повече информация
Автор M.Kundera
страници 195
Език английски
година 2003
Издателство Faber and Faber
ID на книга 27221552
ISBN 9780571215522
Категории Други

Ignorance is the story of two Czechs who meet by chance while traveling back to their homeland after 20 years in exile. Irena, who fled the country in 1968 with her now-deceased husband Martin, returns to Prague only to find coldness and indifference on the part of her former friends. Josef, who emigrated after the Russian invasion, is back in Prague to fulfill a wish of his beloved late wife. As fate would have it, the two have met before in their former lives, and the before-skirted passionate encounter is now destined to transpire. However, as in the story of Odysseus, which this novel so deliberately parallels, every homecoming brings with it a conflicting set of emotions so powerful that one has to question whether the voyage is really worth the pain. Expertly tackling the philosophical and emotional themes of nostalgia, memory, love, loss, and endurance, Kundera continues to astound readers with his masterful ability to understand and articulate issues so central to the human condition UNGELESEN, in gutem, sauberen Zustand. Remittende, als Mngelexemplar gekennzeichnet. Einband oder Seiten geknickt oder vergilbte Schnittkanten.
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