HISTORY OF FLIGHT. (R.Niccoli) “White Star“, /HB

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Comprehensive and accurate, packed with photographs and technical information,...
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Страници 320
Език английски
Година 2002
Издателство White Star Publishers
ID на книга 26105828
ISBN 9788880958284
Категории Хоби издания

Comprehensive and accurate, packed with photographs and technical information, this book tells the story of flight from the “flying machines” of the Middle Ages to the most advanced inventions of today, including the space shuttles, convertiplanes, and the superbombers of the 21st century. Each of the book’s 25 chapters is dedicated to a particular event or a type of plane, with descriptions of its features, its different models, and its operational history. The many anecdotes and accounts of the aviators themselves will stimulate the curiosity and imagination of all who have ever dreamed of discovering the freedom of the skies.
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