FUTURETAINMENT: Yesterday The World Changed, Now

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Offers a fresh approach to the role of the entertainment industry within the contemporary world of digital media. This book looks at how the proliferation of concepts such as MySpace, YouTube, iTunes and Google, to name but a few, have come to dominate over previous channels of m...
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Автор Mike Walsh
Страници 296
Корица твърда
Език английски
Година 2009
Дата на получаване 19.04.2011 г.
Издателство PHAIDON
ID на книга 22494875
ISBN 9780714848754
Категории Маркетинг и мениджмънт

Аn expansive and insightful overview of the latest developments in digital media; covers all areas of popular media and entertainment, and reveals how the relationship between consumers and media will change fundamentally; offers invaluable comment on the future direction of digital media and guidance on how to successfully adapt to the fast pace of change of the digital age; explains the major shifts in consumer behaviour that new technologies have allowed and offers practical advice for the future from an experienced industry commentator; and, stands as an up-to-date appraisal of the on-going revolution that will change media forever. Contributors: Mike Walsh is an experienced media commentator and trend analyst, specialising in the advance of new technology and changes in consumer behaviour. He is based in Hong Kong from where he runs the 'innovation research agency' Tomorrow. Description: Over recent years seismic changes have taken place in the structure and direction of the media and entertainment industries. Since the launch of the first commercial web browser, to the advent of broadband, digital downloads and on-line virtual worlds, patterns of consumer behaviour have adapted and evolved enormously, embracing new opportunities and having an indelible impact upon the commercial nature of media. Mike Walsh has been at the heart of this consumer revolution from its beginning and has been advising on how to react to it since. Futuretainment offers the sum total of his experiences and commentary, and offers an accessible approach to this complex and evolving subject. The book encompasses the traditional forms of media and entertainment and reveals how the rise of the internet, mobile devices, social networking, audience networks, user generated content, ubiquitous networks and the 'adaptive web', amongst other advances, has affected them forever. Futuretainment explains how consumer behaviour has combined with new technologies to enact these changes. The opportunities provided by the digital age for new ways of accessing and providing information have been embraced across the world and diverted the course of media. Entertainment and broadcasting are now in the hands of the consumer, rather than the media executive. The 23 insights in Futuretainment will reveal what this means for the future of entertainment.
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