EGYPT: Flying High. “White Star“, /HB/

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19,95 лв.
Photographed from the sky, riding above the few clouds that cross the country,...
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Страници 640
Език английски
Издателство White Star Publishers
ID на книга 26110004
ISBN 9788854400047
Категории Фотография и фотоалбуми

Photographed from the sky, riding above the few clouds that cross the country, Egypt shows the best of itself. The course of the Nile, which cuts the desert in two from north to south, and the enormous delta provide glorious, lush vegetation sliced by a deep blue band. The white sails that slide over its waters and the spectacular monuments that line its banks, the human ants-nest of Cairo, the pyramids and the sphinx, palm groves and fertile fields, geometrical patterns created by dry walls, and the ever-changing waves of the dunes in the desert: all of Egypt's magical panoramas and incomparable light are offered here, seen in the unaltered beauty of their millenary existence. This volume in the series Flying High presents the undisguised beauty of a country through the works of a photographer who specializes in aerial photography, either taken through the windows of a Piper or acrobatically hanging out the door of a helicopter. These books offer extraordinary reportage of the patterns, light, and colors of entire regions, which can be taken in at a single glance. Short texts introduce chapters dedicated to particular aspects of the country in question. Brief captions aid the reader in identifying the subjects photographed.
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