DRAW YOUR OWN MANGA: Honing your style. (H.Nagat

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With the manga phenomenon booming, fans everywhere want to get into the act...
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Автор H.Nagatomo
страници 95
Език английски
година 2007
Издателство Kodansha International
ID на книга 28813045
ISBN 9784770030450
Категории Декоративно и приложно изкуство

With the manga phenomenon booming, fans everywhere want to get into the act themselves. This third volume in the Draw Your Own Manga series is aimed at experienced manga artists who wish to improve their skills and technique. The book offers not only tips, practical instruction and inspiration but explains all the essential features of the main genres and the standard techniques used in common situations and action scenes. With many examples from works by famous artists, the book identifies and describes all the main types of manga, including Schools and Shojo, Bishojo and Lolita, Boys Love, Girls Love, Ladies and OL (Office Ladies), Family, Pets and Animals, Sports, Martial Arts, Samurai and Ninja, Historical, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Horror. It also explains the techniques that professionals use to convey common situations and actions, such as running, walking, chasing, jumping, falling, embracing and fighting, etc. As an added bonus, Draw Your Own Manga: Honing Your Style features an exclusive interview with artist Monkey Punch, renowned for the popular manga and anime works based on the character Lupin III
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