DINOSAUR COVE: Lost In The Jurassic

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15,90 лв.
Jamie, Tom and Wanna are back in the Jurassic when disaster strikes! A pair of pterosaurs swoop down and grab Tom in their claws! How are Jamie and Wanna ever going to find him, especially now there's a pack of Megalosaurs on the prowl? As Tom is carried away over the treetops,...
Повече информация
Автор Rex Stone
Страници 160
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2010
Дата на получаване 25.03.2011 г.
ID на книга 21458990
ISBN 9780192789907
Категории Преводна детска литература

When Tom and Jamie discover a fossilized compass there are only two possible explanations - either someone else has been into their secret dinosaur world, or they must have dropped a compass on their travels. Either way, the boys know they have to get back to the Jurassic and find out what's happened. But once in the Jurassic, disaster strikes when a pair of pterosaurs swoop down from the sky and grab Tom in their claws! As they carry him off over the treetops, Jamie and Wanna race after him - but it's no good, Tom is soon out of sight and they wonder if they'll ever see their friend again. With a pack of Megalosaurs on the prowl, a prehistoric storm on the horizon, an enormous landslide and the mystery of the fossilized compass - this is a breathtaking, double length adventure that readers will never forget.
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