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DADDY`S LITTLE GIRL. (M.Clark), “Pocket books“

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At just seven years old, Ellie Cavanaugh lost her sister Andrea to a brutal...
At just seven years old, Ellie Cavanaugh lost her sister Andrea to a brutal murderer. It was her testimony that put Robson Westerfield away, but now, twenty-two years on, he is about to be released. Ellie, now a writer and investigative reporter, senses trouble and travels to her hometown just as Westerfield arrives and begins a campaign to prove his innocence. Ellie still suspects him, as does her estranged father, and both are determined to thwart his attempts. But someone has other ideas...Someone who is picking up where Westerfield left off, commiting other dangerous acts that send Ellie spiralling into a whirlwind of secrets, lies and deceit. Can she uncover the truth before a desperate killer sets his sights on her As events reach a head, Ellie realises she might be the only person who can seek vengenance for the past...

Повече информация
Автор M.Clark
Страници 336
Език английски
Година 2003
Дата на получаване 19.12.2006 г.
Издателство Pocket books
ID на книга 21322650
ISBN 9781416526506
Категории Художествена литература
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