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COLOURS: 400 Reusable Stickers Inspired By Natur

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Contains 400 reusable stickers inspired by nature. This title includes more than 400 wildly-coloured flowers, fruits, butterflies, shells, berries, clouds, cacti, ladybirds and other bugs. It also lets children mix, match, trade, collect and even create their own artwork with the...
Mix and match EyeLike images the way you want with these all-new sticker books. These reusable stickers are fun, functional, and fantastic Decorative uses for these beautiful, photo-real stickers are limited only by your child's imagination: from journals, scrapbooks, and letters, to craft projects and more. More than 400 flowers, animals, colored shapes, berries, lizards, clouds, fish, ferns, lobsters, cactus, bunnies, ladybugs, sunflowers, and shells are all included. Kids can mix, match, trade, collect, and even create their own stunning artwork with the most eye-catching stickers available

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Страници 12
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2011
Дата на получаване 12.07.2011 г.
Издателство Play Bac Publishing USA
ID на книга 25054067
ISBN 9781602140677
Категории Занимателни книги
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