COLOUR ME IN!: An Activity Book

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An activity book offering hours of science play through puzzles, activities, and games
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Автор Okido
Страници 128
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2013
Дата на получаване 30.08.2013 г.
Издателство THAMES AND HUDSON Ltd.
ID на книга 21555017
ISBN 9780500650172
Категории Занимателни книги

This hands-on activity book includes all the classic puzzles and games that children love but with a quirky twist. Join the dots to make the robo-dog jump; play germ Sudoku by completing the grid of germs and bugs; draw pictures of body sounds like whistle and burp; and match the monsters to their footprints. There are also simple crafts and science experiments to complete off the page.

The activities stimulate creativity and inspire interest in the sciences while teaching skills like pencil control and gathering and sorting data. The unconventional but clear artwork makes this a dynamic book for young children who love drawing and games.

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