COLLECTION: Houses. (Michelle Galindo)

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A main task for architects is the planning of houses, very often private...
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Автор Michelle Galindo
Страници 512
Език английски
Година 2009
Дата на получаване 16.06.2009 г.
Издателство Braun
ID на книга 21518012
ISBN 9783037680124
Категории Архитектура

A main task for architects is the planning of houses, very often private residences, commissioned by the future occupants or clients seeking the extraordinary. The design of houses has the potential to provide fantastic opportunities for architects to develop and realize unusual ideas and innovative solutions for the outer appearance of the building, the integration in the surroundings, the organization of the interior spaces as well as the design of the rooms. This volume features 175 buildings from all parts of the world that have been selected for this title of the new series: “Collection”. The 512 page volume presents the best house architecture of today – by famous architects as well as the stars of the future unknown so far – focusing on the variety of possibilities for creating private residences. Each project is featured either on two or four pages by comprehensive texts in English, German and French, sketches, floor plans and drawings as well as high-quality photographs.
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