COCO: 10 World-Leading Masters Choose 100 Contem

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Coco is an exciting, unprecedented guide to the most exceptional talent in the...
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Страници 448
Език английски
Година 2009
Дата на получаване 20.11.2009 г.
Издателство PHAIDON
ID на книга 22444954
ISBN 9780714849546
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Coco is an exciting, unprecedented guide to the most exceptional talent in the international restaurant world. Coco presents 100 of the best emerging chefs from around the world. It is selected by 10 superstar chefs: Ferran Adria (Spain), Mario Batali (US), Rene Redzepi (Denmark), Alice Waters (US), Jacky Yu (Hong Kong), Gordon Ramsay (UK), Ferguson Henderson (UK), Shannon Bennett (Australia), Alain Ducasse (France) and Yoshihiro Murata (Japan). The selected 100 chefs are creating the most innovative cuisine today. From Singapore to New York, Stockholm to Surrey, Hong Kong to Paris, these chefs are pushing their craft to new heights and have just begun to receive attention for their cooking. Arranged alphabetically by chef, the book will present each chef over two spreads. The first spread includes the curator's presentation of the chef in the form of an original essay, a sample menu by the chef, and two to three of the chef's signature recipes. The second spread includes photographs of each recipe as prepared by the chef, as well as photographs of the restaurant, the chef at work, and the chef's environment, including farmers' markets and favorite ingredients. In the back of the book, each chef-curator discusses one specific dish that has had a particular significance throughout his/her life or career, accompanied by a recipe and photograph of the dish. Part cookbook, part guide to the world's best new restaurants, and part who's who of the international food scene, Coco showcases the cooking of today's best new chefs, as chosen by today's culinary icons.
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