BAD CAT 2013. (Calendar/Page A Day)

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Features a full-colour rogues' gallery of insouciant, ill-tempered, and off-their-rocker feline fiends guaranteed to make you cringe (and laugh) every day. This title showcases kitties gone off the deep end.
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страници 320
Език английски
година 2012
ID на книга 25016715
ISBN 9780761167150
Категории Календари
As charming as train wrecks, every one of these cats aims to offend--and succeeds. Adapted from the #1 New York Times bestselling book, Bad Cat Calendar takes feline naughtiness to shocking extremes. Cats with addictions to cardboard boxes. Cats dressed in silly baby outfits. Cats caught red-pawed with naked Barbies. Plus hundreds more lazy, surly, stinky, apathetic, and disobedient cats, all in inglorious full color. With Bad Cat Diet Tips, Bad Cats & the Law, Bad Cat Superheroes, and Bad Cat Early Warning Signs: Gizmo keeps ordering expensive cappuccinos but only licks the foam. So many cats, so many ways to go wrong.
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