ACCOUNTING CONTROL: Best Practices. (S.Bragg)

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The only practices worth following are the best practices Accounting Control...
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Автор S.Bragg
Страници 264
Език английски
Година 2006
Дата на получаване 18.04.2008 г.
Издателство Wiley
ID на книга 26095639
ISBN 9780471356394
Категории Нехудожествена литература

The only practices worth following are the best practices Accounting Control Best Practices is succinctly described in one word— thorough.Organizations from manufacturing to hospitals can use this— easily understood by everyone from the data entry clerk in accounting to the CFO. — Melody Troesser Accountant Cole County Residential Services, Inc. There is no authority on accounting or accounting control best practices like Steven Bragg. This guy does the hard stuff— he se the big picture perfectly yet can also get down in the trenches and dig into difficult and complex areas. His writing is clear and his explanations are simple and sensible. — Jack W. Boyer, CPA, MCP Boyer & Associates Accountants, analysts, and system designers will find this an excellent tool. Real examples define and demonstrate effective control points, while keeping practicality and efficiency in mind. A great addition to my library. — Clint Davies Principal Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker A cornucopia of control ideas organized by process and explained in simple terms to ensure quick implementation. — Richard B. Lanza, CPA/CITP, CFE, PMP President Cash Recovery Partners, LLC Destined to become an essential desktop tool in helping professionals tailor a controls system to the needs of their company, Accounting Control Best Practices introduces all of the major accounting and operational processes with hundreds of controls presented in basic, intermediate, and advanced layers— from a basic paper-based system, to computerized systems, to the advanced best practice enhancements in computerized systems.
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